December 11, 2003

Hey! I didn’t blog yesterday! 🙂 I was busy doing a few more reports.

The rain is pounding on the roof of the building. It’s been raining steadily for at least 12 hours. All the snow has been washed away. So I’m guessing today’s weather gripe (and perhaps something that will show up on our site as “Breaking News” today and one of the top 5 SJ stories tomorrow) will be flooding.

Mood: Tranquil. Must be the drumming sound of the rain.
Work docket: Where do I start? Firstly, our communities section is missing the Gloucester County stories. This. Happens. Every. Week. I also have to do Scrapbook, get some more Symbols of the Season ready for online, and get Women on the Run in shape, since none of those stories were uploaded last night either.
Lunch: Too crappy out to go anywhere, so I brought a Healthy Choice Meal.
Afternoon: Stopping at Mom’s on the way home to show John how to scan something. Stop at Genuardi’s for Oatmeal, peanut butter chips, and vanilla extract. Rousing walk with Max (please let the deluge be done by then), and CookieCam at 4:30.
Evening: Work myself into a panic attack about a meeting tomorrow wherein I will meet with the publisher and three high-powered directors and talk about the Online Manager job. I’ve made my decision, and will talk more about it after it’s over.

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