December 9, 2003

Well, at noon yesterday I got an email saying that I was a part of a 2:00 – 3:30 conference call. Recall that I got no sleep the night before. By the time I got home it was after 4:00. By the time I got changed it was close to 4:30 and by the time I got back from walking Max it was getting dark.

So when David woke at 7 pm and saw me slumped in my chair staring blankly at the wall, you can’t blame him for making me go to bed.

And there is why CookieCam didn’t happen. On the upside, I slept from 7:30 until 4:00 and feel pretty decent. But hungry. I didn’t have dinner last night.

Mood: Complacent
Work Docket: I have more greenbars sitting here. I think these are the ones I do my variance report on. It’s also the last day of the Hand section. Yay! So now that I know there is a finite number of entries, I can pretty up its index page and set it adrift in our “Special Sections” area. Work, by the way, will suck for me until January. Between this “Acting Online Manager” gig, Damon’s vacation Christmas week, and Clark’s vacation Christmas weke and the week before, I’ll be running the dept solo. Hey, let’s turn pink! 😉 Because of the 1 1/2 hours OT yesterday, I think I may leave here early. I don’t feel like asking for OT pay, and since I’m not really manager, I’m not getting paid extra to hang around.
Lunch: I purposefully didn’t bring because I think I really need to get out of here for lunch.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max, then CookieCam until 7. Maybe a run to the gym if I have time.
Evening: I think I’m scheduled to go to Starbucks tonight w/Mom to write Christmas Cards over a peppermint mocha and chai tea. Ooo..need stamps!

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