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December 1, 2003

December 1, 2003

Happy Birthday, John!

My brother turns 24 today. That means I’m…over 30??? When did that happen?!?!? Wait…happened last September. My bad. Carry on.

How quickly these 4-day weekends go! It dawned on me yesterday that I take more time off for Thanksgiving than I do for Christmas. My big holiday’s behind me! *sob*

That’s ok. Eventually I’ll get it right and have a few vacation days left over for Christmas.

Early blog because I got here early, checked the site, went out again to get pantyhose (there’s a rough spot beneath my desk that snags my hose…have to get at it with a nail file), and now I’m back.

The BIG news is that CookieCam is back! Live almost every afternoon and early evening. Did two small batches of Christmas Cookies yesterday just to work the kinks out of the system and the baker.

I also made a few more updates to the rest of the site. You know, the part that isn’t my blog? 🙂 Head to the front page of kimberussell.com and check it out.

Wt: I haven’t weighed, and I’m not going to for a while. Some clothes are getting tight, so I’m reining myself in as much as possible.
Mood: Apprehensive about the month-end reports that I need to do.
Work docket: Working on “Empty Stocking” page now. Then will do Ingle column and start these wicked monthly reports.
Lunch: Smart Ones Penne Pollo.
Afternoon Plans: I have a bag w/gym clothes in my car so I can stop at the YMCA on the way home. That’s how serious I am about getting back in shape. Then a rousing walk with Max.
CookieCam Schedule: Look for me between 4:00pm and 6:00pm EST. Then, I have to wrap up early to go to…
Evening Plans: Carrabba’s for John’s birthday.

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