weight musings

December 2, 2003

Dinner yesterday was fab-u! I’d never been to Carrabba’s before, so I was pleasantly surprised. I had tilapia with steamed broccoli. Sounds healthy, but then again I ate six pounds of bread beforehand. Are you on the Atkins Diet? Great…send me your bread. I’ll take care of it for you. Then when your brain turns into sludge due to no carbs and I’m raking it in on Jeopardy! you’ll be sorry. 🙂

David and I got John a 2-year subscription to MAXIM magazine. It’s truly one of the funniest magazines out there.

Yes, Virginia, I did go to the gym on the way home yesterday. See how serious I am about wanting to be a Maxim girl?

No word yet on the memo I gave to the Publisher about the management position. That’s right…I don’t think I mentioned the memo yet, have I? See? I keep secrets from the blog, too. 😉

Mood: STILL apprehensive about the month-end reports. Apparently before I can do them I have to get some greenbars and a post-it-note (I’m not kidding) from Accounting. I spent part of this morning looking at past reports and I worked myself into a frenzy.

But I’m just that type of girl. When I’m waiting in a room for a doctor appointment, I go through the drawers looking at the scary tools and wondering what they’re used for. By the time the doc comes in, I’m convinced I’m going to end up with my tongue sliced and cauterized.

Work docket: Erm…I guess the reports. (shrug) I dunno. 🙂
Lunch: I brought Smart Ones Pepper Steak.
Afternoon: Hit the bank on the way home, then to Target for body wash and the cute $5.00 “Vixen” shirt I’ve been eyeing. Home for a rousing walk with Max, then…
CookieCam: Probably 3:00 to 5:30 today. Because tonight I have…
Evening: A dinner to go to. That’s all I can say ’till tomorrow. But I bought a sweet lil’ dress for it. Sleeveless, red, satiny with an oriental flair. (Note: need shaping hose, too)

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