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November 24, 2003

November 24, 2003

I live! — see proof at right

Where the hell was I?

Friday was busy — no time to blog.
Saturday I went to see Urinetown: the Musical with Mom. It was the first anniversary of Mom-Mom’s death, and the 6-month anniversary of Mickey’s.
Sunday was sick, missed the Courier-Post Millionaire Mania auction. 🙁
Monday was sick, missed work. (which probably doesn’t do well for any management hopes)

We have some of the Christmas stuff out . Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel up to putting up my Christmas in the City collection — the tiny town of Turberville. I have a bid in on eBay for “Parkview Hospital”. Unfortunately, I’m out of mantle space.

Max (who is back in his crate right now because he bit my foot earlier – I was wearing a sneaker so no damage done) has been a horror. All I want is a good dog. I don’t know how to tell Max that.

Movie-wise, I’m looking forward to “Return of the King” if ONLY to see Aragorn showered, shaved, and dressed finely as King. But I’m probably going to have to hit the ladies’ room during the spider part. I hate spiders!

Back to the grind tomorrow.

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