November 20, 2003

November 20, 2003

Sheesh, two sad paragraphs in the middle of a blog entry and all of a sudden I’m Sylvia Plath? Don’t think so. Life is better today. I’m fine. Really!

Opportunities are swirling about at work. Unfortunately, I can’t say any more about that.

Mood: MUCH MUCH better.
Work docket: Surprise! We launched the online version of Women on the Run today. Not too shabby, hm? Especially since we didn’t automate it yet. Features just uploaded stories and I happened to find them sitting on the server. Guess they like my prototype! Communities didn’t upload any Gloucester County stories, so I fixed that. The fine folks at Gannett Corporate flipped on the local coupons part of our coupon product, so we’ll have to promo it. Scrapbook too. I don’t think I have any reports to do.
Lunch: Will probably grab a sandwich or a salad.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max, who is now out of the crate at night and has gone quite a few days without an accident. My writing this means that I’ll go home to an apartment full of crap.
Evening: 6:00 appointment at Salon at the Ritz (oh la la!) for a cut and partial highlights. Long bangs maybe? Then coffee-n-coping with Mom’n’John at Starbuck’s. Been a while since we did that.

I’ll be making a personal appearance Sunday at the Courier-Post Millionaire Mania auction. I’ll be working the snack cart. Pretty appropriate, don’t you think? 😉

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