November 25, 2003

November 25, 2003

Here I am, back at work. Wheeee! I have people from Trend/MLS in PA on my back about an agreement with our site that *I* wasn’t even a part of, but apparently I’m now responsible for. *chuckle*

I’ll also have to face the world about being sick for the Millionaire auction, which will make me persona non grata in Marketing for a bit. Poor Mom is still super-sick though.

Mood: Apprehensive
Work docket: Do weekly revenue numbers (don’t have the info yet — d’oh!). Try to resolve/pass the buck on this Trend issue. New banner to put into rotation for Lourdes, change some contest info, maybe get a head start on tomorrow’s hit reports.
Lunch: Didn’t bring. Not sure if I’ll eat anything at all. Touch-and-go. Maybe I’ll go shuffle around Target during lunch.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max. I SHOULD go to the gym. We’ll see how I feel.
Evening: Unknown but I’l probably shop for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope that our appetites return by then.

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