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October 29, 2003

October 29, 2003

If it’s not one thing…

Talked to Mom a few moments ago and found out that Lucky was at the vet last night for some bloodwork. She’s leaking urine, drinking a lot, and panting a lot. Symptoms sound way too familiar to me for my comfort. Lucky and Mickey were about the same age.

Trying to buck up here.

In other, much more trivial news, I’m moving ahead with a Halloween costume. Two years ago I was Little Red Riding hood (I was pushing 175 lbs then so it was more like “Frau Helga the bloated Bavarian milkmaid” — I’ll find a picture later) It was a short ‘flirty’ costume, (actually, I lengthened the dress considerably) and as a result I had one of my older male coworkers asking to play “Big Bad Wolf” w/me for months. I sewed the costume myself over the course of a few weeks and lost first place in the Courier-Post employee costume contest to a lady who wore all black, wrapped herself in fake webs and called herself a spiderweb or a dustball or something like that.

I was so traumatized I went to Disney World for Halloween last year.

This year it’s the much more demure and modest Statue of Liberty. Bought the pattern and fabric last night. It’s a Simplicity pattern, and it does look simple enough. All I have to do is get it to stay together for one day. Last night I cut the pattern, this afternoon I’ll sew the dress/drape, and tomorrow I’ll do the crown and torch. The pattern suggests making those items out of felt and foam, but I have better ideas that involve yellow shrink-wrap, styrofoam cones, wire, and a flashlight. Intrigued? Me too. If it doesn’t work, we’ll travel the felt-and-foam path. How does Lady Liberty wear her hair?

Wt: 145.4. Wheeeeee! I’d be concerned about losing so much so quickly if I didn’t manage to put so much on with a week. I think someday I’m just going to cough up my thyroid.
Mood: Concerned about Lucky.
Work docket: Food day! Update recipes, dining guide.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Whiskey *hic* Chicken.
Afternoon: Rousing walk w/Max, then crack out the sewing machine.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30 (new session) and then back to the sewing machine.

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