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October 28, 2003 – morning

October 28, 2003

David brought Max’s new cage crate home last night. He spoke with the Vet’s office and visited some sites on crate-training pups. (David, that is, not Max) Apparently, according to the psycho-babble, we’re not allowed to play tug of war with the dog (lets dog think he can fight for what he wants) or allow the dog on furniture (lets the dog think he plays a bigger role in the pack than he really does). They also said that dogs are naturally den animals, and like having their own space. Okayyyy. As I mentioned, I’m not thrilled with this new plan, but have pledged my support.

David also said we needed a word to cue Max to get into his crate. I suggested “Lockdown” but that wasn’t very well-received. (smirk)

To be honest, though, I’m just jaded by watching people cage crate their dogs the wrong way. David is handling it very compassionately. The crate has a blanket and pillow inside, so it’s cozy. They played near the cage crate, and David threw Scooby snacks inside. When Max would get in to retrieve the treats, David would praise. Repeat ad nauseum.

This morning, to my amazement, David was sleeping on the loveseat, and Max was sleeping in the crate, door shut! David said Max went in on his own.

Then again, each day I voluntarily sit within a cubicle. Maybe I’m a den animal too!

Wt: 147.8 Wheeeeeee!
Mood: Pleasant
Work docket: Did the hand section update. I have a late “Not Job” to do. Obits/classifieds didn’t automatically go this morning, so when Systems comes to work, I’ll have to get those databases updated. I’m working on an HTML mail for our upcoming Looney Tunes contest. Great Pumpkin galleries need to go up. Update Millionaire sponsors
Lunch plans: David foodshopped yesterday, so I’m set w/frozen food. Today is Healthy Choice Creamy Herb Roasted Chicken.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max on his afternoon furlough. Update LadyGypsy.net a smidgen.
Evening: Gym at 7:00. Dunno why I thought I’d go yesterday.

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