October 30, 2003

October 30, 2003

My previous suspicions about my boss were correct. He’s headed for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and his last day here is 11/14. Where does that leave Damon and me? Not sure. I’m sure I’ll still have a job doing what I do now, but I don’t know in which department and for whom I’ll work. We also need to learn EVERYTHING administrative. My head hurts. In honor, I’m wearing my nicest black business/funeral suit. very professional looking.

Lucky-dog has kidney issues, but nothing is in stone until Mom actually speaks w/the doc today. Fingers crossed, please.

My sewing portion of the Statue of Liberty costume is finished. I put the gown on and wrap the drape around me and wow! I’m looking like LadyLiberty! Not too bad for a 30 year old sewing machine I bought for $10 at a yard sale! Today we contruct the crown and torch. If efforts fail, I’ll make a quickie felt and foam version of such. All so I can lose tomorrow. But at least I’ll spend the entire day looking monumental! Get it? Monumental? Bwahahaha……(sniff)

Wt: 143.8. Yayyyyyyy! I attribute this to 1) Healthier dinners from the AHA cookbook and 2) eating lots of fruit and veggies.
Mood: Stressed and tired.
Work docket: So much….living’s messed the tune of 10 stories. Communities are messed up. I still have to email some info to a guy that I promised to send him yesterday. I hate putting that off, but as I was looking around, Boss called me in to tell me he was leaving. Nothing was done after that. Scrapbook. Pumpkin winners — from yesterday. Birthday scans for November. End of month values — also from yesterday. Add a link to our Eagles section — another yesterday. I didn’t even touch yesterday’s recipes.
Lunch: Worked through lunch yesterday, so today will be my second attempt at Whiskey chicken.
Afternoon/Evening: Rousing walk w/Max, Lady Liberty stuff.

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