October 31, 2003

October 31, 2003

Good news is that the Statue of Liberty costume is DONE…you can see a sneak-peek of it on my home page. Bad news is that I’m wiped out, and the costume judging isn’t until 4:30. Maybe I’ll disappear for a lil’ bit after 2. I also dunno whether I should wear the thing all day. Right now I’m in jeans and a black shirt. I’ll wait and see what the other are doing. IIRC, when I was Red Riding Hood I was the only one dressed all day. The Statue costume is very comfortable though.

Today would have been MomMom’s 86th birthday. I’ve been dreaming of her a lot lately.

Wt: 144
Mood: TIRED!
Work docket: Honestly, if I don’t get End of Month Values done, I will be hung. Actually, nobody knows it’s not up yet except you and me…so Shhhhhhhhh!
Lunch: Having the Halloween pig-out at work. Yes, that’s what the pot lucks here are really called — pigouts.
Afternoon: Costume judging at 4:30 pm. If I lose to someone dressed as a hobo, I’ll cry.
Evening: Sleep
Weekend: The Blackwells are coming over tomorrow for dinner. I’m going to make my lasagna.

Probably more blog later, plus pictures!


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