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Five years!

Five years!

Today is my FIVE YEAR anniversary at TNP, which really isn’t The New Place at all anymore. Not so shabby for someone who thought she’d be fired before her first year was done.

It’s a good place to work, and has allowed me to travel to new places and learn new things. I’m doing great things with Excel, and I’m even doing a bit of SQL work on our database!

(I also received $300 in gift cards, which will be put aside for future travel.)

In unrelated news, I’m 23 days through the Yoga with Adriene 31-day #yogarevolution and with the exception of the angry, angry muscle in my upper back that I tweaked, I’m doing really well!

I'm trade-publication famous!

I try very hard to separate work from blog, but I’m very proud and can’t let this go by without saying something…

Last month, Associations Now magazine (official magazine of ASAE) interviewed my manager and me about how we manage data collection at TNP. The interview was published online last week and I think it turned out really well.

You can read it here: Member-Data Collection: The Never-ending story.

I love my job!

Throwback Thursday: Cube decorating

I’m going to say this was December of 2010, because I wasn’t sitting in that spot in December 2009 and I didn’t have that hair color or bangs when I started at TNP in January 2012.

I sort of like Christmas.

I sort of like Christmas.

I could have sworn I posted about the Post-it note (not a sponsor, I suck, blah blah) wreath here, but I can’t find it. We didn’t have tall cubicle walls at the C-P, so by the end of my tenure there I was staring at that bland gray wall all day. (Which I think was painted a sickly green later on, thanks GW.). To break the monotony, I made the wreath from two packs of green Post-it notes and a pack of red apple-shaped Post-its. I took about an hour. I let some of the green Post-its stick out from the wall to give the wreath extra dimension.

I and my coworkers loved it, and the managers worried that I had wasted the C-P’s office supplies to do it. Which was a joke, because the C-P stopped buying us Post-its YEARS before, and by then I was buying all of my own office supplies anyway.

If I were a better blogger, I’d do a whole photographed instructable post on how to make a Post-it wreath, but really, it’s not hard. Stick them on the wall. You can do this.

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