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Gratitude 2019wk11
Gratitude 2019wk10
Gratitude: 2019wk9

Gratitude 2019wk11

Sunday: A lovely family gathering for Nephew B’s first birthday!

Monday: Um. Um. It’s been a day. How about that Entenmann’s cake that I drowned my bad day in? Gotta love a good Entenmann’s cake.

Tuesday: Grateful that Murphy didn’t get sick from the 2/9ths of leftover Entenmann’s cake that he pulled off of the table and snarfled. That dog.

Wednesday: Spent time with Nephews A and B. A is great at imaginative play. B is a great smiler.

” i had some cake and was ok can i have some pi too?”

Thursday: It was 70 degrees! I walked to the train after work. People were greeting each other outside like they hadn’t seen each other for ages!

Friday: The massacre in Christchurch leaves us all breathless. How can I blog about what I’m grateful for when there are such hateful assholes out there? No cake can make me feel better.

Saturday: My little seedlings continue to grow! Two weeks after planting, I have both varieties of tomatoes, both varieties of peppers, dill, basil, and impatiens.

Gratitude 2019wk10

Sunday: I’m glad I live in a heated home because it’s never going to get warm again, is it?

Monday: Work from home day on another day with a wintry commute!

Tuesday: My half birthday. I’m still here and still healthy.

Wednesday: Going to be vague here, but I identified something that has been causing me anxiety lately. Knowing what that issue is makes me feel better. (Grammarly hates that sentence, but has no good suggestions for it.) I hate the weird handwavy feeling of being anxious about something that you can’t put your finger on.

Thursday: TNP supplied us with breakfast and lunch, as well as a coffee cup to celebrate the inaugural National Hospitalist Day. I brought the cup home with designs to turn it into a flowerpot because I have so many mugs. NB: I realize it’s hella easy to find where I work, but I don’t want this creaky blog to show up when people search for my workplace.

Friday: My manager who has been with TNP for only 2 months had the awkward task of doing my yearly review. It’s good! Relief!

Saturday: Today the first of my seedlings sprouted. Cherry Tomatoes! After a week of sad, it was nice to see that life does find a way. 🙂

Gratitude: 2019wk9

Sunday: I baked banana bread. It’s really tasty!

Monday: TNP handed out the Summer Friday information at work. Spring is just around the corner!

Tuesday: I, uh. Breathing. I’m grateful that I can breathe. (one of those days you have to search for a bit of good)


Wednesday: I am married to a good man with a good heart who does good things that I can’t share here because they involve other peoples’ kids.

Thursday: I went to a happy hour after work for a coworker who’s moving on to another company. It was one of those warm affairs where everyone’s happy and the departmental silos drop. Plus, someone gave me a ride to the train!

Friday: It snowed on my work from home day, which means I didn’t have to deal with cleaning the car and the morning commute.

Saturday: We went to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Edison. Came back with a gift, goodies from an Amish bakery, and a print that we are calling “What We Think We Look Like.”

(we don’t look like this)

The artist is Nick Fasnacht.

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