Gratitude 2019wk11

March 17, 2019

Sunday: A lovely family gathering for Nephew B’s first birthday!

Monday: Um. Um. It’s been a day. How about that Entenmann’s cake that I drowned my bad day in? Gotta love a good Entenmann’s cake.

Tuesday: Grateful that Murphy didn’t get sick from the 2/9ths of leftover Entenmann’s cake that he pulled off of the table and snarfled. That dog.

Wednesday: Spent time with Nephews A and B. A is great at imaginative play. B is a great smiler.

” i had some cake and was ok can i have some pi too?”

Thursday: It was 70 degrees! I walked to the train after work. People were greeting each other outside like they hadn’t seen each other for ages!

Friday: The massacre in Christchurch leaves us all breathless. How can I blog about what I’m grateful for when there are such hateful assholes out there? No cake can make me feel better.

Saturday: My little seedlings continue to grow! Two weeks after planting, I have both varieties of tomatoes, both varieties of peppers, dill, basil, and impatiens.

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