Gratitude: 2019wk9

March 3, 2019

Sunday: I baked banana bread. It’s really tasty!

Monday: TNP handed out the Summer Friday information at work. Spring is just around the corner!

Tuesday: I, uh. Breathing. I’m grateful that I can breathe. (one of those days you have to search for a bit of good)


Wednesday: I am married to a good man with a good heart who does good things that I can’t share here because they involve other peoples’ kids.

Thursday: I went to a happy hour after work for a coworker who’s moving on to another company. It was one of those warm affairs where everyone’s happy and the departmental silos drop. Plus, someone gave me a ride to the train!

Friday: It snowed on my work from home day, which means I didn’t have to deal with cleaning the car and the morning commute.

Saturday: We went to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Edison. Came back with a gift, goodies from an Amish bakery, and a print that we are calling “What We Think We Look Like.”

(we don’t look like this)

The artist is Nick Fasnacht.

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