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Currently on a Sunday Night

Watching: America Ninja Warrior episodes from this summer. When I’m doing hard things, I picture Akbar Gbajabiamila saying “I SEE YOU KIM! I SEE YOU!” I’d like to have fewer heart-tugging background stories and more runs, but it’s still a solid watch and I love the camaraderie.

Healing: I ended up going to the doctor for my sore back and he prescribed anti-inflammatories and stretching. I think the pain is fading, but it’s been a good 2 months now so maybe I’m getting used to it? I have enough meds to get me through October. If it’s still bugging I have a prescription for xrays.

sneakily Editing: this post on a Monday afternoon. I can’t see typos when I blog on my Surface. Stupid eyes.

Losing: STILL LOSING at Words with Friends. Shameful, Kim, shameful. Akbar doesn’t see you.

Posing: We went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding and — okay wait…I have to tell you how crazy it is that I held this girl IN MY ARMS as an infant and yesterday she got married. Effing insane. Sunrise, sunset, and all of that crap. The wedding was at a farm, and the barn rang my Fixer Upper bells. This is me in the dress I talked about in June.

Dress by eShakti, shoes by Naturalizer, necklace by Stella & Dot, bracelet is Diamonique by QVC. None of it #sponsored but the Cab Sauv was on the house.

“You’re a bartender’s best friend,” the bartender told me after I expertly ordered 3 drinks.
“Why is that?” I asked coyly.
“Because you know exactly what you want.”
I laughed. “I’ve had a lot of practice.”

Thisis 45: old enough to wear Naturalizers, but still young enough to know how to Wobble.

Fractured Fairy Tales


Finally the nonbloggable becomes bloggable – Mom (aka A-Woww) tripped and fell 2 weeks ago, fracturing her kneecap and shattering her elbow. The knee will heal on its own in an immobilizer which thankfully allows her to walk. The elbow required surgery. That happened on Wednesday and now the mending begins.
While she’s a bit more banged up than the ankle incident from 2011, it’s not as bad because she’s not bedbound. In fact, today we went to a bridal shower! And this time around she’s getting home visits from nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

This was the arm that was operated on. I was sad when she washed the YES off. It was inspirational!

We’ve all been scrambling to make sure she has someone there throughout the day for meals and to let her dog out. I’m certainly thankful for TNP’s flexible schedule.

Tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of buying the House on Literary Lane. We are still overrun with weeds and ivy, and can’t get the desired plants and grass to grow, PLUS the neighbors behind us are as noisy as every neighbor I had at the Heights of Collingswood COMBINED but I love my home and some days I never want to leave it.

(There is still an unpacked box in the coat closet.)

Currently, mid-April edition

Eating pounds of Easter bread that I baked this weekend. I am just a load of carbs, and I didn’t even have any Easter candy.

Self-portrait, April 2017

Waiting for our grass out front to grow. We seeded it 10 hours ago and COME ON ALREADY! We probably have the worst lawn on the street if you don’t count the foreclosed house. It’s not our fault…there was decades of lawn neglect and we’re trying to reverse it. It’s just going to take a long time and a lot of

cleaning up. Weeding, getting rid of debris and branches from the tree next door that will likely collapse on our house within the next 10 years. But at least we’ll have a better-looking lawn.

Smiling because the Best Nephew in the World, who also happens to be my Favorite Kid turned 3 yesterday. He’s a lot of fun. We got him a cape from Creative Capes as one of his gifts and it made for dozens of cute photos.

It is an honor to be related to this cuteness!

Bleeding profusely because I used my new blades from Dollar Shave Club and they’re a bit sharper than what I’m used to. My in-demand O- lifeforce flows freely from my ravaged knees.

Wondering what to wear to the weddings I’m invited to this summer! My usual fashion adviser, Pinterest, is of no help to me.

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