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Currently: Crossword puzzling

I loooooove crossword puzzles.

I gave up on this one.

I gave up on this one.

I suuuuuuuck at crossword puzzles.

A few months ago, I plunked down $40 ($40!) for the New York Times crossword app for my phone. It’s a lot of dough, but that $40 ($40?!) gives me the NYT puzzle every day for a year, plus a bunch of puzzle packs and the ability to do past puzzles.

If you’re not familiar with the NYT puzzles, here is how they work:

  • Monday: VERY easy.
  • Tuesday: Easy.
  • Wednesday: Medium difficulty.
  • Thursday: Medium-hard difficulty.
  • Friday: Hard.
  • Saturday: Stupidly hard.
  • Sunday: Back down to hard, but larger and usually with a quirky hell-beast gimmick.

I don’t know a lot about movies (I hate movies), the Bible (Catholic) and sports (doughy nerd) and my lack of expertise in those subjects really cripples me. But each day I persevere. So far my longest streak has been Monday-Thursday. My goal is to complete seven days in a row.

Hopefully it’ll be before next year’s $40 ($40?!?) is due.




Last night, Ollie got out of the yard through a gap in the back fence and for 30 minutes I was a hysterical mess. While I walked the streets wailing like a banshee, WM found him by thinking like him – he followed bunnies. Where there were bunnies, there was Ollie. A block away, grinning and panting like an idiot.

Time to get that gap filled in AND an updated dog tag with our new address.

CNN: The Canine News Network

Someone’s feeling better! Even though his blood sugar rate was still in the 500s on Saturday and his insulin dosage has been upped to 5 units twice a day, Max perseveres.

Yes, I downloaded iMovie onto my phone. No, this does not bode well for anybody.

PS: Urine collection was no big deal. Thanks for the suggestions! Max is a leg-lifter and while he was intently focusing on the shrub he was aiming for (and missing, he’s low to the ground and never makes his target), I slid a small container under him. He didn’t even notice it.

PPS: Rabbit rabbit!

Max's new routine

A new rope bone because he peed on the others by accident. This is the life I live.

A new rope bone because he peed on the others by accident. This is the life I live.

Max started out at 3 units of insulin every 12 hours. His first glucose test was 650. After 9 days of treatment it was 538, which is still high. (sad trombone) The doctors want to see him in the 200s, so now he’s taking 4 units of insulin.

Right now I’m accomplishing it the same way I did with Mickey. But having TWO dogs (one of whom is not diabetic but very jealous of any non-equitable treatment and also not very bright) makes it impossible to drop a tiny bowl of Rice Krispies on the ground.

Insulin is kept in the fridge. About 5 minutes before the shot, I take it out to warm up a bit. Then I roll the bottle between my hands to finish warming it and to mix it. When Ollie hears the clinking of the glass vial against my rings, he TEARS into the kitchen.

When it’s time for Max’s shot, I toss a half of a tiny Milkbone about two feet away for Ollie, and while he lumbers off, I put the other half on the ground in front of Max. While Max ponders his sudden good fortune and eats the treat, I give the injection. It takes a second and as of now, he notices it, but doesn’t care. We make sure to rotate the injection spot so he has time to heal.

His next appointment is this weekend. There will be another blood test and a urinalysis. That gives me five days to figure out how to catch dog pee.

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