Max has diabetes

September 4, 2014

Two blog posts in one day? Am I mad? (answer: yes)

Trying to laugh.

Trying to laugh.

I took Max to the vet last night because he’s having pee problems. He’s peeing himself while he sleeps (JUST as disgusting to deal with as you’d imagine) and occasionally dripping pee. They took blood and urine samples from him and started him on some antibiotics that cost more than the outfit I’m wearing today.

The vet called today and the diagnosis is diabetes. UGH. I went though this before with Mickey and while I’m up to the task, this plus Max’s age doesn’t bode well for his life expectancy. This hasn’t been a good few weeks for the critters of the household. I’m going to wrap Ollie in bubblewrap.

I think it’s time for Obamacare for pets.

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