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Six months, one day

I’ve been living on my own for six months and one day.
I have an apartment, now fully furnished.
I have a freezer full of food and meals prepared for the next few days.
I have a nice little tax refund coming to me.
I have a sweet savings account that gives me a great interest rate.
I have HDTV, high-speed internet, and a comfy bed.
I (again) have a job I love doing.
I have a level 61 priest in World of Warcraft. (Honorra, Shadowsong, looking for an East Coast non-raid guild that likes to run the 5-person instances)

So what’s missing?

six months on my own

Reflection in my window. Pizza that I put together and I don’t feel like eating.

Is this really me?

I’m trying to cut back on what I spend. I have some holiday bills to pay and I want to replenish my savings accounts which consist of a traditional bank statement savings and a kick-butt INGDirect one – 4.5% monthly interest! If I wasn’t so scared about fluidity I’d sock it all into the INGDirect account.

Anyway, part of this fad of mine is not eating out so much for lunches and dinners. I’m lazy. I’m not a good cook (yet) and if food isn’t moments away when I’m hungry, I’ll go out and get food.

So in a one-hour cooking blitz last night, I made a beef/mac casserole, tuna salad, and macaroni and cheese (Kraft, will do Martha’s next week). It’s all in containers (the foil packets are saltine crackers) and ready to reheat or grab to take for work at lunch.

I keep peeking in and thinking “Is this really my fridge?” Granted, it’s not haute cuisine, but my gosh, it’s not Taco Bell.


Another part of this kick is buying food in bulk. The downside is that since I now cook for one (not that I ever really cooked for us two before, but still) I invested in an inexpensive version of the Food Saver, and my freezer is filling up with vacuum-sealed packs of ground beef. The next time I go to Wegman’s I’ll grab the club size chicken packet.

Naturally, the first thing I did with the food saver was crush an empty soda can. As seen on TV!

food saver

I suppose my next step is to start wearing cat sweatshirts.

Hello, have we met?

Disney’s newest campaign (because they have one every 18 months, with the last one being The Happiest Celebration on Earth!!) is Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams.

They partnered with Annie Leibovitz and scheduled a bunch of celebrities to do photo shoots as Disney characters and hel-LO there!

David Beckham as Prince Phillip

David Beckham as Prince Phillip? My FAVORITE Disney prince? I wholeheartedly approve! Soccer. Sigh. If he only played hockey…

Hey Becks, I’m twice the woman Posh Spice is. Literally. (shudder)

Anyway, go here and you can see Scarlett Johansson as a gorgeous Cinderella and Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland with a “Come here, Boo, and let me make you my babydaddy” vibe. (Lyle and Oliver are looking to get out of that teacup FAST before Jay-Z comes and pops a cap in their asses)

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