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Currently.. (Wrestlemania Sunday)

April 3, 2016

Watching: WRESTLEMANIA! We have the WWE network and stream it via the Playstation. I’ll be honest, other than New Day there wasn’t a storyline compelling enough that I would have spent the $60 for it this year. Luckily, $9.99 gives me all of the PPVs.

Polished: This week it’s Essie Master Plan. It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve stopped biting 90% of my nails (that pinky…) and it’s nice having a Sunday nail-polish routine. Maybe next month I’ll get a real manicure.

Max: Still alive, and after 9 months here in the house he has discovered that there are stairs that lead to the rest of the house. Because he’s mostly blind, we’ve duped him into thinking that the downstairs is it, because we don’t want him tumbling down the stairs. Luckily, he has a younger brother who sits atop the stairs and all Max has to do is follow his nose. Time to get the gate out.

This is Max, slowly figuring out that we've been deceiving him into thinking we only have one floor in the house.

This is Max, slowly figuring out that we’ve been deceiving him into thinking we only have one floor in the house.

Webkeeping: I made a new header! I know, right? It’s been ages! My next trick is to get some social media icons up there with the navigation. This is the blog that will not die. Mostly because there aren’t many blogs out there from women around my age anymore and eventually it’ll be left to me to carry the flag for the GenX ladies.

Reading: STILL READING HAMILTON. I think I’m about 100 pages from the end. I made a Goodreads goal to read 45 books this year and thanks to this behemoth, I’m behind.

Losing: 22 lbs and still counting! Wooooo! I’m not buying new duds until the current ones literally fall off. Saggy pants FTW!

Fading: The rosacea redness is definitely fading and I’m cautiously excited!

Eating: I’m loving Planters Nut-rition Blueberry Nut Protein Mix. I could eat the whole can in one sitting, but I’ll just stick to 1/4 cup at a time. 🙂

Freezing: It’s windy and cold here, and after a week of delightfully springy weather, I’m chilled.

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