Friday 5: Touched by your presents, dear

July 2, 2021

Happy Friday, friends! This morning we ate breakfast out and hit the library. And then I crafted for a little bit, worked on the Friday crossword (the streak is in peril), and here I am. Blogging the Friday 5. Today’s theme is Touched by your presents, dear…let’s go!

  1. For what ability do you seem to have a natural gift?
    I can tear a coupon out of a newspaper or magazine page without tearing the coupon. This might *seem* like a natural gift, but it’s the result of my early days at the newspaper when there wasn’t enough work yet to keep me busy all day. I would roam the building and watch others do their work, like the handful of men who still pasted pages together manually using wax-backed galleys. And sometimes I would help tear ads out of the newspapers. These tearsheets were sent/given to advertisers as proof that their ads ran. Anyway, I’m pretty good at precisely ripping paper. It’s a gift.
  2. What’s pretty good about the present moment?
    After 24 hours of heavy rains, the sun is back out. Rain is good for the garden and good for my rain barrel, but sunshine is good for me.
  3. What nearby, everyday object would be a good symbolic bequest to someone in your life?
    I suppose the easy answer is my jewelry, but more symbolic would be my empty wallet. My stack of unused notebooks? Maybe the watermelon rinds, coffee grounds, and leaves currently rotting in my brand new composter?

    Yes, I aged 15 more years and bought a composter because I am tired of throwing away coffee grounds and food trimmings. I’m supposed to spin it every few days and in a while I’ll have nutritious compost to replenish my soil!
  4. What recognitions, large or small, have been bestowed upon you?
    I was one of the newspaper’s “Rising Star” employees for two years. Here’s the first time I won. And I’ve said this before, but the early days of my blog really focused on losing weight. Hey 2004 Kim! It’s me, 17 years later! I’d love to be at the weight you’re mortified at being! HAHAHHHHHaaa it gets worse, so much worse you idealistic knob. Oh, and stop working late, they’re going to take advantage of you. You’ll end up tossing that trophy into a dumpster on your way out. And you’re going to compost things.
  5. What was your most recent charitable donation?
    I have a monthly recurring donation to Black Girls Code, but most recently I donated to PAVE – an organization whose mission is to support survivors of sexual violence.

That’s the story, morning glory. I’m wrapping up the week of PTO/Staycation but I’m off on Monday in observance of July 4. Tonight is movie night and it looks like “The VelociPastor” is winning so, uh, send me your thoughts and prayers.

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