Friday 5: Rx

June 25, 2021
too lazy to find a real photo

It’s Friday! It’s the last day of school for WM, and I’m on vacation until July 6th! Boo-yah! Do people even say Boo-yah anymore? Probably not. What’s more modern? Um… I yeeted myself out of the office today until July 6th! Anyway I have a giant big blank summer week ahead of me, with only a baptism party ( I get to see cousins for the first time since Christmas 2019) and a dentist appointment. Shall I go to the beach? Shall I … get a pedicure? The opportunities for vaccinated me are numerous!

And yesterday NJ recorded the first 0 Covid death day since July of 2020. Get vaccinated – it works and we’re not magnetic and I still have crummy cell phone service on the lower level of my house.

Time for the Friday 5! (past time actually, since I’m typing this while watching this week’s Friday night movie which is Stripes) This week’s theme is Rx, which Scrivener used the actual unicode glyph for but I’m too lazy to look up how to do it. (resists temptation)

  1. What’s your prescription for a case of Weekend Uncertainties?
    I like to start with something known. Go to a farmer’s market that you know about, but find something in that town to stop at on the way home.
  2. What’s your prescription for a persistent case of Restless Munchies Syndrome?
    COOL RANCH DORITOS! However, I’ve pivoted to White Cheddar Cheezits for a while. They are a very good summer snack.
  3. What’s your prescription for Streamer’s Indecision?
    Watch something you’ve seen before.
  4. What’s your prescription for a hypersensitive Get Off My Lawn reflex?
    Deep breaths and remembering that once I was a kid that obeyed the rules and didn’t bother the old people on my street because they would yell. Wait, just deep breaths.
  5. What’s your prescription for an inflamed FOMO?
    Cortizone? Actually, it’s pull away from social media. Nothing is ever as good as you’d think. I post IG stories about my garden all the time but never show the aphids or the weeds.

℞ – I couldn’t resist looking it up.

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  • SMD June 30, 2021 at 9:09 am

    So few things are as good as you think.

    Hope you’re having a great vacation!

  • scrivener July 2, 2021 at 9:21 am

    Your number 4 made me laugh. I think teaching high school for as long as I did, I just developed a nice sympathy for young people. The stuff I don’t understand, I mostly shrug off. I think you are the only respondent who answered this question the way I had in mind.

    I also think you idea about Weekend Indecision is fantastic. I tend toward inertia when I’m undecided, but getting going, especially to something familiar while seeking something novel, is kind of brilliant. I need to remember this since I’m taking 3-day weekends ever weekend until mid-September.