Friday Movie Night Part IV: The Awakening

June 23, 2021

One of the highlights of my week is watching movies with my far-flung friends on Fridays. I’m thankful that technology has made that all possible. I also sort of hope we keep doing it, even as things open back up. Because I’m not a movie person (can I still say that?) many of the movies that we watch are brand new to me, even if they are decades old. This the fourth movie night post! Here are parts I, II, and III, and a deeper look at Die Hard., which is not a Christmas Movie.

Megaforce – ROLLICKING fun, and our second Barry Bostwick entry. Remember, the good guys always win, even in the 80s!

Barry Bostwick in Megaforce. He's in a sliver lame jumpsuit.

Dark City – Like, the city is always literally dark. It was clever and beautifully shot, but will not stay with me forever.

Point Break – Despite the presence of the glorious Swayze, this movie felt like two writing teams wrote two different movies and stitched them together in the middle. Bodhi doing that tequila shot was hot as anything though. I also have to make it known that Gary Busey, the “old man” partner, was 46 when this movie came out.

Young Frankenstein – I’m glad I watched it because it is a classic (in a way) but Mel Brooks’s humor is very hit or miss with me.

Kelly’s Heroes – Tons of fun from a movie I didn’t think I’d enjoy in the least. This is Clint Eastwood’s second “Movie Night” appearance, and Carrol O’Connor was only 46 when this movie came out. And Donald Sutherland as Oddball is disturbingly sexy. I purchased the theme song, “Burning Bridges.”

Hot Fuzz – distinctly unmemorable since we saw it months ago and I forgot to note it in any of our prior posts until WM reminded me we saw Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz.
WM: The British cop movie?
Me: Huh?
WM: The townspeople being murdered? Olivia Coleman?
Me: Oh.

Tank Girl – the second Lori Petty appearance on movie nights. It is dumb as a box of rocks but as soon as I embraced that fact (human/kangaroo super soldiers who don’t use guns? Okay, let’s go.”) it became a lot of fun. I purchased the soundtrack.

9 to 5 – I saw this on basic cable as a child and I’m very amused that this movie is a lot like Grease – fun for kids but a LOT of stuff goes over their heads. Dolly Parton is pure gold in this movie, and it’s VERY interesting how the case for flexible scheduling, job sharing, and on-site daycare being good things for companies was set in nineteen freaking eighty and still employers are reluctant to offer these benefits.

Raiders of the Lost Ark & Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (two different weeks) – Of course I’ve seen these before, thanks to WM’s lifelong fandom of the franchise. He can tell you about every Indy fedora used in every scene of every movie. The movies are great, Last Crusade is my favorite of the trilogy, and Indiana Jones in his tweed suits is straight hot fire.

Sleepaway Camp – a generic teens-being-murdered-at-camp movie with a definite twist that I did not see coming and was really tastelessly executed by today’s standards. The mens’ shorts were really short and tight.

Weird Science – Like me, this movie is dated and problematic. Come for the 80s reminiscing, stay for baby Robert Downey, Jr. Huge swaths of this movie (which was completely typical of the time) are racist, sexist, and statutory rapey. However, if you make Gary and Wyatt 18 year old college freshmen, and touch on VR and 3D printing, this would make for a great reboot. I purchased the title track.

Tombstone – Kurt Russell? Sam Elliot? Baby Jason Priestly? Cowboys! Gunfights! A killer plot? I’ll be your huckleberry any day, Tombstone. Eighteen stars and one of the best movie night movies I’ve seen.

Mortal Kombat (2021) – This was a Movie Night pick, I skipped that night and we ended up watching it ourselves. Eh. Ok. Kano was fantastic, and I truly thought the Cole and his daughter were scrappy, orphaned siblings until he kissed “Mom.”

Escape from LA – Kurt Russell continues to deliver the cheese to our Friday nights. This was so hokey and fun. The name “Cuervo Jones” still makes me laugh, but the “Hershe” joke did not. And it was a hell of an ending.

Hudson Hawk – not technically a movie night watch because we watched it on a Saturday afternoon, but yeah, you can completely tell that Bruce Willis wrote this movie. The songs were cute.

Missed – GalaxyQuest (saw it already), The Book of Life (fell asleep before Movie Night started), and Repo Man The Genetic Opera (noped right out of that one.)

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