Catching up!

June 20, 2021

Social June is in full swing and it is ruining the airtight routine I have built over the previous 15 months.

thirst trap selfie photo on the beach.
Happy beach bum in Margate, NJ

We had the memorial for my cousin on June 13 and it was just as military minded as it needed to be. The speakers were lovely and talked about his personality and his passions like diving and karaoke and cooking for his family, but the whole shebang was surrounded by SOME GAVE ALL and bikers with flags and a three-volley salute and I wish it wasn’t.

(gestures fruitlessly)

Dad came to town for a whirlwind 5 day trip, and it went too quickly. I wish we could have spent more time together, but his schedule was packed.

I went to a networking happy hour on Thursday, and it was so lovely to be out again. I both performed the art of networking and I indulged in a blood orange margarita and appetizers. Appetizers! I valet parked and took the key with me because I am relearning how to be a human in this world.

Which takes us to this past Friday. We were off for Juneteenth (a lovely gesture, but more symbolic than helpful) and Mom and I FINALLY made it back to the beach. It was windy but glorious. We chatted, we read, and we broke in the new Tommy Bahama beach chairs we bought in early 2020. I was so relaxed that I conked out on the sofa early and missed movie night AND the Friday 5.

I didn’t even write in my planner for 2 weeks. Sacrilege! I did get back on track with my CAE reading, I finished People We Meet on Vacation, and I started taking walks again.

And now it’s Sunday night and I’m staring at 5 days of work before I’m off until July 6 for a summer staycation! I have a lot to do this week and while I don’t have the Sunday Scaries at TNP, I’m certainly a little clenched.

Five days…

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