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Friday 5: I’m so unusual!

June 4, 2021

Happy Friday, friends!

It’s been a rainy week here in the paradise that is Southern New Jersey. My rain barrel is full, the gardens are saturated, and we need a few sunny days to dry everything out a skosh. Today has been pretty wild. We are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8pm, but right now it’s sunny. All of my chairs are soaked, so I can’t even sit out there. Booo.

This morning I had an appointment with a new Doc Ladyparts as my former Doc Ladyparts retired. Very rude. If you frequent a Doc Ladyparts, you know how important having a consistent relationship is. The appointment was uneventful (good) but I did get to hear a fetal heartbeat from the exam room on the other side of the wall. It was magical and sad. For newer readers, I am infertile and even though I’m fully in cronehood it’s still kick in the heart occasionally.

This Friday 5 does my 80s-teen heart so good. The theme is I’m So Unusual and is a tribute to the music of the incomparable Cyndi Lauper. I had the vinyl version of She’s So Unusual back when we were all desperate to get rid of vinyl and move to a less fragile medium. Now vinyl is back and although I know it’s a warmer sound, I still prefer my MP3s with their dubious sound quality and space saving attributes.

  1. When did you most recently have a change of heart?
    I’ve followed the antics of the British Royal Family for my entire life. First through supermarket tabloids and then the internet. I am firmly Team Harry and I believe everything he says. I’m fine with him stepping back – William has 3 heirs of his own and some eager cousins to help with The Firm. However, I feel like it’s time for Harry to stop talking in public about his past and start doing the work to move beyond it so that his future appearances promote the good works he wants to do rather than promoting himself.
  2. In the coming months, what’s most likely to keep you up all through the night?
    After the last 14 or so months of extreme stressing out over Covid, unless there is a huge family crisis I don’t think I can muster enough energy to worry that much about anything for a long time. My low-key worry is hoping all of these routine appointments I’m making are okay. The dermatologist skin check in early May was good. Once today’s test results come back and are either okay or cleared, I’ll make my mammogram/ultrasound appointment for July. I have a dentist appointment at the end of June and once that’s either okay or the cavities are filled I’ll make an eye doctor appointment for August. And then I probably need routine blood work again. Middle age! It’s great!
  3. When you gonna live your life right?
    Probably never. Oh mama dear we’re not the fortunate ones….
  4. Do you wanna go out with a lion’s roar?
    This is a line from She Bop. I was in my adult years when I found out that this song was about masturbation. It’s sort of there in the lyrics, but I had no idea back then. I was living in the time of songs like The Reflex with lyrics that made no sense.
  5. When did you recently decide something wasn’t perfect but was good enough?
    I was going to redo the giant supply closet in my hallway using the clear plastic bins and drawers that are all the organizational rage. I did corral our aquarium and cleaning supplies into bins and it was helpful. But do I really need to buy bins for items that are larger and freestanding? No. What I did was good enough.

By the way, Cyndi Lauper’s actual mother plays her mother in this video!

I am going to a wedding this weekend! Will I remember how to socialize with strangers? (Maybe.) Will my feet rebel against being strapped into heeled shoes? (Definitely.) Do I remember how to apply eye makeup? (Nope.)

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  • scrivener June 11, 2021 at 6:12 am

    I predict you’ll have those plastic bins by this time next year.

    • Kimberly June 12, 2021 at 9:29 pm

      You’re probably right.