Birthday Weekend

May 17, 2021

No not me, WM!

We woke up bright and early on Saturday to take a long trip to a flea market on the grounds of the PA Renaissance Faire in Mount Hope. It was almost a 2 hour long trip but it was so nice just being OUT that I didn’t mind the ride at all. It was heartwarming to see the Philadelphia skyline again. Plus, once you get on the turnpike past King of Prussia, the scenery is all rolling hills and farmland. We had a blast in BrunhIILde.

The market itself was a bit of a bust – we didn’t see anything we liked. Also, if you have a mammy doll or a Nazi patch for sale, I’m buying nothing from you. We did get to stroll some of the Ren Faire property, which is gorgeous when empty! We picked up some bottles of wine and headed home.

Nephew A did a great job putting the candles on!

Saturday night we had pizza and cake at Mom’s, and spent some quality time playing outdoor games with Nephews A and B. Nephew A has inherited my family’s uber-competitive gene. Poor kid.

A is on the left trying to win. B is on the right bringing his unique brand of chaos.

I also finished another round of Angry Man Farm spring planting. The tomatoes, peppers, radishes, and herb seedlings were transplanted into their beds. And I planted the seeds for cucumbers, green beans, onions, parsley, more radishes, more lettuce, and more beets.

The radishes, green beans, and beets are going to be succession planted, meaning I’m going to plant some more every 2 weeks to give us a steady crop. I have one entire bed dedicated just to green beans because I want to freeze a bunch for the fall/winter. I was going to disassemble the greenhouse for the year, but I’m pondering planting some fall crops and the greenhouse is a handy place to start seeds that isn’t my bedroom.


Friday’s new CDC mask guidelines (take ’em off if you’re fully vaxxed) from Friday thrills me while pissing off the rest of the world. It was nice of the CDC to give vaccinated people a reason to fight with each other while we continue to fight with antivaxxers. I know that the mask is a symbol of safety for many people and if vaccinated people stop masking, it’ll be hard to tell who took of their masks because they are vaccinated vs people who are taking their masks off despite being unvaccinated. Plus, parents are (correctly) concerned about the kids 0-11 who can’t be vaccinated yet. And there’s the matter of those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions. It’s definitely a dilemma, and I think the decision should be tied to local vaccination rates, but I don’t think the solution should include everyone being mandated to keep masks on forever. Some people are more comfortable wearing them, and that’s fine with me. But I followed all of the rules, took the shots, and I cannot possibly be any less of a Covid threat. Requesting that vaccinated people continue to mask up simply to express some type of solidarity against anti-maskers is a very large ask to make of people, and judging vaccinated people for following the rules and taking their masks off is not a good look*. Here in the US, we’re never going to get to the point where everybody who can be vaccinated, is vaccinated. The right-wing conspiracy theorists and the suburban momma bear ‘woo’ crowds are too large. The indoor mask mandate is still in effect here in NJ, so it’s a moot point for the moment.

This week is a “get back on track” week. After 2 weeks of slacking off, I’m diving back into the Association Law reading, my daily housekeeping chore schedule, and exercising. Murphy has his yearly vet checkup tonight.

* Can we indict Jenny McCarthy for some sort of crime against public health?

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