Easter 2021

April 5, 2021

Time is relentless, dragging you through the days and weeks just like nothing’s wrong.

And just like that, it was Easter. On Friday and Saturday I did my usual Easter baking – two Easter breads and two ham pies. J&K received one of each to bring home, and I took home the leftovers from Easter dinner. In searching for past blog posts to link to that refer to Easter baking, I was dismayed to see that every one lists how much weight I lost so far on that year’s diet. While I’m not pleased with my current fluffiness, I am relieved to not be itemizing every meal and every pound like I apparently did for many Aprils.

a round loaf of sweet bread, frosted with sprinkles
Final product

This year I took photos of my grandmother’s handwritten recipes. None of them are really correct (note the 2 1/2 lbs of flour instead of 2 1/2 cups) but I’m glad we still have the originals.

a wrinkled piece of paper with my grandmother's writing on it.
my heart…

The last paragraph says: “that (‘s) it good luck I think you should all learn how to make them I can (‘t) do it any more happy Easter to all and enjoy.”

Last year after writing this overwrought blog post I asked a Twitter pal for a link to her church’s Youtube channel and watched their Easter service. I watched again on Christmas. And yesterday I went back and watched my second (!) Easter service. It was joyful and comforting. At one point the minister asked us all to gather our bread and wine/juice/water for Communion. I felt silly, but she (!!) insisted we could pause the video if we weren’t ready. And wouldn’t you know, a few minutes later I ate a saltine cracker and had a small cup of wine in asynchronous communion with a bunch of strangers.

I guess this makes me a Youtube C&Eer?

Thanks to some of us being vaccinated and a general unclenching of my own butt about things, we had a normal Easter yesterday. I bought this Egg Toss plushie for Nephews A&B and it was an unexpected hit. (not an affiliate link). We ate and drank and for a few hours, things were as normal as they could be.

I made a basket out of a sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper using a tutorial from Damask Love and AMBER SHARED MY PICTURE in her story! (fangirling out)

screenshot from Instagram of Amber being pleased with my basic basket.

I took this week off of work, as a kind of Spring Break. We’ll be doing various garden chores (I think WM’s building another bed) and tomorrow I’m getting blonded up for Shot Girl Summer!

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  • Kimberly April 5, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    Hi, Kim. It’s Kim, a few hours older. You mentioned above that last year your Easter post was overwrought. You and millions of others were in a sad, scared, uncharted place with very little hope on the horizon. Just like you’re trying to be nicer to yourself w/r/t weight, and like you’re trying to hear others’ stories and experiences before judging, I think you need to be gentler with yourself. That’s all.