Murphy, February 2021

February 24, 2021

Some things about Murphy that I want to remember:

murphy on our half-made bed
Murphy is the dog that broke my ‘no dogs on the bed’ rule.
  • He has a very loud bark but is not brave.
  • He has little to no object permanence. If I put his toys in a basket, it’s like I tossed them into a black hole. He will NOT pull the toys out unless highly encouraged to do so.
  • Yet, he can and will sniff out dollar bills from inside my purse.
  • He ADORES my mother. When she visits he goes out of his mind with glee and when she leaves he cries at the door.
  • Like me, he is not a fan of winter. A snowy yard slows down his zooms; an earlier sunset means less time outside because…
  • He does not like the dark. He won’t follow us into the garage unless we turn the light on. He won’t go in the backyard without floodlights.
  • He loves goldfish crackers. That’s my fault.
  • He would really like me to stop typing this at my desk and go to the living room to snuggle with him.

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