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Friday 5: Big Game

February 5, 2021

It’s Super Bowl weekend! I will never stop laughing at how the NFL made a big stink about who can use the term Super Bowl to describe this weekend’s game, and as a result most brands can say The Big Game and we all know what they mean and the NFL gets no money from it.

a snow covered in tree
We are still dealing with this crap. Melt already!

This week’s Friday 5 theme, fittingly, is Big Game.

  1. What item in your house recently ceased (or is likely soon to cease) Operation?
    Something I’ve learned from stumbling through homeownership is that I can NEVER predict these things. The television we replaced downstairs because of display issues causes me no problems in the room we moved it to. The picture isn’t as crispy as it could be, but neither is my vision anymore so hey! But if I were a betting woman (and I am totally a betting woman believe me) I’d say our clothes dryer. It doesn’t dry as quickly as it used to. Thinking of replacing it gives me butterflies in the stomach, so we’re waiting it out for now.
  2. If someone were to poker ’round in your refrigerator, what item might he or she have questions about?
    We tend to buy multiples of things we use (store supplies still sometimes spotty) so it’s pretty common for us to have three of a kind of the same item. We have a lot of coffee creamer.
  3. What’s in your backPac, Man?
    My work bag is currently hanging in the closet, to be used again…later this summer maybe? Hopefully? When it’s fully functioning, it holds my lunch bag, my wallet, my Kindle, my phone, a makeup bag, my train and subway passes, sunglasses, a handful of crumpled receipts – ghosts of purchases pasts, and sometimes my work laptop.
  4. When did you last run into an old Flame?
    Probably on Facebook, where I have kept in touch with most of my current and former Friends, former Lovers, etc. Facebook makes me feel Anger quite often, because of the Marriage of a large built-in audience and some people with less-than-great viewpoints and the algorithm that rewards low-quality Engagement. As a result, I unfriended a whack of people who bothered me, and only check in once a week or when my mother tells me there are new pictures of nephews A and B.
  5. With what object are you frequently playing Hide-and-Seek?
    It used to be my glasses, but I purchased a few extra pair from Zenni Optical to leave around the house and it is a game changer. Something I would never have done with $300 pairs of glasses is achievable when your glasses are $25 or less. I have a pair that stays at my desk, a pair that’s by the sofa, and a pair that’s in the kitchen. These days it’s my slippers. I have to close my eyes and count to ten before I lose my temper at myself. They’re never where I think I left them!

PLANS? I have none, other then to finish and mail Valentine’s cards, to despair that I have no idea what to get my mother for her birthday, to clean the kitchen because that’s all we seem to do. Next week on the blog is the Show Us Your Books roundup and I’ll probably show off the Valentine’s cards I made. I’m extremely pleased with this batch. I’m borderline smug.

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  • scrivener February 7, 2021 at 2:05 am

    Which Kindle do you have, and do you have a cover? I’m still using the one I first purchased, the second Paperwhite (officially the sixth generation), released in 2013. I get a little antsy for an upgrade once in a while (the new sage, plum, and twilight blue colors are so nice!) but even with everything I’ve ever purchased stored on the device, I still haven’t run out of storage and it still operates as it did when it was new. So I guess I’m sticking with it for now. Maybe when it fills up, I’ll reward myself with an upgrade when I’ve actually read everything on it. Which would take years anyway. I am a HOARDER of electronic books!

    • Kimberly February 8, 2021 at 8:35 am

      I had to do a little research! I have a Kindle Paperwhite 3 which I purchased in 2017 to replace my super-flaky Nook Glow. I’m itchy to get the one that’s water resistant but, like yours, this Kindle is SOLID and has had zero operational issues. The cover is from Omoton, also purchased in 2017. It was pretty inexpensive is still just like new.