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What I’m Watching: A Simple Swedish Life

November 7, 2020

Since Schitt’$ Creek and The Good Place ended, I’m having a bit of a struggle getting into TV shows. Right now I crave light, warm, wholesome programming. If I’m going to cry, I need it to be because I’m choked up with happiness.

About 2 months ago a website I frequent linked to the “A Simple Swedish Life” video series. It’s created by a Korean man living in Sweden with his wife and their baby. There is one video a week and there is no voiceover/narration. It is sweet and cozy. Here’s the first video:

Episode 1: Morning Routine

Each video’s “here is what we’re doing, here is what I’m cooking, here is what the baby is up to” structure is comforting and I look forward to the new video each week.

If you have any TV suggestions for me, please pop them into the comments. Programs I’ve loved: Parks and Recreation, Friends, The Good Place, Schitt’$ Creek, The Mindy Project (before Danny became a jerk.)

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  • LJC November 14, 2020 at 12:12 am

    Old episodes of New Girl and Pushing Daisies? I am sorry to say I watched Emily in Paris and enjoyed it.