Back to the (Home) Office

August 17, 2020

I was on ‘vacation’ last week which basically means I was not online for work. I *was* online for an annual conference of a professional organization that *I’m* a member of. Background: I work for TNP, an association for medical professionals. Think the AMA, but not the AMA. I belong to ASAE, which is the association for people who work with associations. (so meta!) Last week was ASAE’s annual conference and I spent 10am-5pm Monday-Wednesday watching presentations. I really, really love going to and learning from conferences. This would have been my first ASAE annual, and would have been in Las Vegas.

But today I’m back to work, which means I get to deal with my own Zoom meetings and these kind of shenanigans.

me staring at the camera while WM dances behind me


TNP has us working from home until January. I pray that the goofball behind me gets to work from home as well for at least the next few months.

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