What I Learned during the Pandemic (So far)

August 13, 2020

How to make refrigerator bread and butter pickles

jar of pickles
Bread and Butter refrigerator pickles

How to keep a sourdough starter alive and bake bread with it

What Rt means with regards to an infectious disease

How to make 14 common cocktails

nine cocktails
The cocktails I’ve made so far.

How to identify the birdcalls of blue jays, cardinals, robins, and nuthatches

How to find Jupiter and its moons in the night sky with binoculars

tiny white dot in the sky
Jupiter. Turns out it’s right over my house! Who knew?

How to make mint liqueur

How to make pancakes from scratch (using sourdough starter)

Sourdough discard pancakes.
Sourdough discard pancakes.

How to watch the International Space Station in the night sky

How to level a monk to 70 in Diablo III

gear setup for diablo monk
My monk’s gear

How to not be disappointed by not having the best view of a once-in-a-lifetime comet

How to grow corn as high as an elephant’s eye

How to grocery shop with a mask on without having a panic attack

Kim in a wonder woman mask
Panic at the Walmart! Mask by Laneymade

How to watch really bad movies without judgment and with enjoyment

How to keep writing postcards to voters even when everything looks too dark to fix

Postcards by C.C. Lemon Studio

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