The journalists and the rest of us

January 24, 2019

In the news today: Gannett lays off journalists across the country.

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I was a newspaper person too.

Here is your yearly reminder that Gannett also lays off employees who don’t work in the newsroom … they are just rarely included in the sad pieces because they don’t get to write them.

IT, customer service, circulation, operations, advertising, production, design, marketing, sales, finance… these are all people who contribute toward getting those papers on your doorstep/news on your digital display of choice. Their jobs are important.

Even though their jobs are all but invisible to many, they are all newspaper people, too. And for over a DECADE, they have been getting laid off as well. Most of their jobs were consolidated to regional design/layout centers, India (IT), or the Philippines (customer service).

Many of them are my friends. And you never even heard about them.

Remember them, even if they are never given a column inch.

I originally Tweeted a shorter version of this today.

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  • SMD January 29, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    Journalism is so vital to democracy – both the journalists and the people that make it run – I hate what’s been happening over the last decade.