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March 28, 2017

Longtime readers know that Dad retired to Florida about 10 years ago. I went down last September after Fall Business Trip #1, and decided to take a quick 4-day spring break trip this year.

I mean, how could I pass up on this?

Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach

The beaches there are 1) free and 2) much less crowded than the Jersey Shore. (Sorry, Jersey Shore, you are my default, but … yeah.) These pictures were taken on an 80-degree Saturday.

Melbourne Beach

Much emptier than the Jersey shore!

This time I made sure to pack my hat:

Starting summer early.

Starting summer early.

And I started a new travel journal. I did this last year, and it was really handy to jot down memories before they leave my head forever. (I will never be faster on the phone than I am with a pen.) It’s an extra-small Moleskine Volant, and the 2-pack set came in yellow and orange.

travel journal

I did this last year too. It’s a nice little analog way to keep travel memories. It’s a tiny Moleskine.

We spent some time at The Moose…

Me and the Moose. At The Moose.

Me and the Moose. At The Moose.

…which was decorated for St. Patrick’s Day. And served a mean $10 steak dinner.

Ten dollar steak dinnner

Ten dollar steak dinnner

My view from bed each morning was pretty posh.

Morning view, from bed.

Morning view, from bed.

Because we have a Big!Work!Project! going on, I took my laptop with me and had to call into some meetings. This view beats a cubicle any day though.

Backyard view.

We went to an early St. Patrick’s Day cookout:

St. Patrick’s Day cookout.

I was supposed to fly home on Tuesday, March 10, but because of Winter Storm Stella, Southwest urged me to move the flight. I agreed, and moved it to Wednesday. Bonus day! But then…


Because of all of the cancelled flights back to the Northeast, Southwest couldn’t get me on a flight back until Sunday. I was already feeling guilty for missing an additional day of work, so I managed to get a flight on Delta on Thursday, 3/17. Another bonus day of ‘retirement!’


When you’re living the retired life, go with the flow. I didn’t win one game.

Unfortunately, it was cold by Floridian standards – in the 50s and 60s – so the beach was out of the questions. That’s why there is plastic behind this little outdoor eatery.

Longdogger's in Melbourne.

Longdogger’s in Melbourne.

I want that tiki for my backyard.

On the last night I was there, the SpaceX launch of the Echostar satellite occurred around 2am. I was woken up by a dog barking (probably at a boom) and saw this through the window:


That tiny dot is the SpaceX rocket that launched the EchoStar satellite. This was at 2am. I watched it from bed through the window.

Which was pretty neat! Despite the travel snafus, and having to clean off my car in the airport parking lot while wearing tiny, slippery flats, Dad and I had a great time.

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