What big drip came up with that idea?!??

This the new official logo for U$A T0D@Y.

copyright someone else

You guys!! For about three years, I sat under the prototype of this design back when I was at the CeePee!!!

Photo taken April 12, 2011.

Never before has a company made me want to set myself on fire like that one does.


    • The dot changes color on each section front, and there is an illustration within the dot representing the content of that section. There’s a YouTube video of it in action. They’re throwing a giant party at the National Portrait Gallery tonight to celebrate and all I can think of is watching all my friends packing their crap into cardboard boxes so that G could realize enough savings to make their stockholders smile and to hire a design firm that comes up with a emm-effing dot.

      I hate myself for still caring about that darn company.

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