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Marriage Pros and Cons

January 16, 2012

Oh hai! Did I mention lately that I’m retying the knot this year? Or tying the knot again? WM has wanted this for a LONG time and I’ve played the part of the gunshy partner.

After I said yes, I decided to take Ben Frankin’s advice (if you live in or near Philadelphia, Ben Franklin is your bro) and make up a list of pros and cons for tying the knot. This is written out long hand in a notebook, but since I have ax-murderer handwriting, I’m retyping so you can read it.


  • Life w/ WM
  • Legitimize Charlie, Max & Ollie.
  • A real anniversary
  • I won’t be an unwed hobo
  • He’ll stop asking me all the time to get married
  • State-paid healthcare when I eventually get laid off
  • I won’t be a chubby single woman
  • I’m not getting any younger
  • I can put the gory, creepy Netflix account in his name (He loves horror movies. The Netflix account is in my name. Therefore Netflix thinks I love the SAW series and that’s hard for me to swallow.)
  • Our WoW guild and all of our neighbors already think we’re married.


  • G-D name change rigmarole AGAIN! Seriously. I still get mail with the Burbermille name.
  • Planning a wedding, no matter how teeny, blows.
  • If this fails, I am one step closer to becoming Dale Evans. (Did you know America’s cowboy sweetheart was married four times?)
  • WM is a DB.
  • I’ll be a chubby bride.
  • This Doctor Who thing of his. And the zombie shows. And all the sci-fi he likes.

The list confirmed that my “yes” answer was a good one.

The image above is my doodle on the page, a (bad) recreation of the evil bride in Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction at WDW. Yes, that’s an ax. I bet her handwriting is even worse than mine!

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  • Brian January 16, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    How is Doctor Who a con?! 🙂

    Zombies, yes! /shudder

  • Mike_NJ January 17, 2012 at 7:15 am

    Shouldn’t the horror movie thing be on the “Con” list? 😉

    My sister got married just a few weeks ago, right after Christmas.
    The only thing they planned in advance was church-related, because the Catholic church requires you to do “stuff” a year in advance. I’m not sure about other churches.
    If you’re getting married in a church, that’s something to consider.

    Otherwise, her wedding planning didn’t really hit its stride until September, planning the reception (a decent hors de oeuvres cocktail hour at an establishment in Merchantville) and sending invitations.

    And why do you have to change your name? It’s 2012, not all women do! (In fact, I’ve read articles about MEN who change their name to the wife’s!) (If you’ve already talked about the name change thing, scratch this comment.)

    My sister did the Dukan diet and lost 60 pounds. You aren’t chubby. Neither was she.