Stupid Beading tricks – waiting for a yes

January 15, 2012

While I was waiting for TNP to give me the big “YES!” answer, I kept busy by making jewelry.

For these, I felt like experimenting with hoops and drops instead of the usual “tight” earrings I come up with.

And then I realized that all of the super-cool jewelry designers on Etsy slap their pieces on an old book for photos. Luckily I live with a guy who has filled up our shelves with old books. Unfortunately, these pages feature an apparent peasant riot in France. MOVING ON…

These earrings have a 70’s color vibe to them.

I had these teal ceramic beads for 2 years. I finally figured out something to do with them. I’m also REALLY starting to like copper findings.

A while back I was into bead crochet. Over the course of two nights, I crocheted a large string of my unmatched beads (bought by the scoop at some bead show) onto wire and twisted it up. I finally put it on a chain and wore it out. I got 3 compliments that day. I might make a bracelet or maybe some dangle earrings to match.

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