Ding 39!

Today is my birthday!

Tonight we’re converging upon a little Italian joint in Marlton to celebrate the beginning of year 39. /jackbenny Thirty-nine isn’t bugging me 1/10th as much as 35 did. I think I’m just coming to grips with windows closing and other ones opening.

For my present from WM I can choose either a Dremel for jewelry making or a Figureprint of my favorite World of Warcraft character. I’m on the fence, as always.

My year 39 resolution is to get back to writing and get back to the social media juju that I love, including this blog and Twitter. To that end, I signed up for an SEO class tomorrow night after work, and I’m going to WordCamp Philly 2011 on November 5th!

In other FANTASTIC news, WM finally got a teaching job! In a public school! Teaching social studies! For real, American money! This job came through just in time for us, because his 99 weeks of unemployment ended 2 weeks ago.

And that’s what I’m learning as I get older. That things don’t happen when I want them to happen, but they always happen just in time.


  • Congrats on your birthday and on Wm’s new job (looks like that is the real birthday present)! Good luck on your new beginnings and resolutions. I too try to believe that things happen in “their own time” for a reason (even if I can’t see that reason), and that time is the right time!

  • Hope it was a great day! And you are right, birthdays definitely lose a lot of their heavy significance the more of them that you have…

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