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Lord of the Pickup Lines

July 29, 2007

OK, I caved.

I lasted little more than a month without playing an online game. Tonight I signed up for the 30 day trial of Lord of the Rings Online. I didn’t want to do it at first because there is neither a “priest” or “wizard” class in the game – those are the roles I’m most inclined to play. I went with the minstrel class, because I can heal and buff up my fellows.

Anyway, on my first hour or so of playing, guess what uber-geek “character” I ran into?

wil wheaton? is that you?

I’m guessing this is an incarnation of TV’s Wil Wheaton of Stand by Me, ST:TNG, blogging, poker, and literary fame! (dorklaugh!)

Way cool.

Not much longer after that, I was asked if I was a “Real Girl.” Although the number of female gamers is on the rise, people on these online games have a hard time believing that real girls exist in lands where hobbits roam.

Once I convinced this Casanova that I was real, I received the best pick up line of my life:

baring children is illegal on the internet

I smudged the name to protect the poor soul. I’m probably old enough to be his mother, anyway.

Anyway, if you’re on the Nimrodel server, give Dinahwyn the minstrel a holler!

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  • ttyp00 August 2, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    ha! nice butt!