Words my blog doesn't like

November 18, 2006

Thanks to a comment by JohnnyBlack, I realized that I should disclose what words in your comments will get you tossed into the moderation queue, and which ones will cause your posts to forever disappear into the ether.

Moderation queue words – if you use any of these, your post will have to be approved by me before it’s posted. I’m pretty good about this kind of thing. I check the queue once ad day:

tramadol, -online, adipex, advicer, ambien, bllogspot, carisoprodol, casino, casinos, baccarrat, cialis, cwas, cyclen, cyclobenzaprine, day-trading, discreetordering, dutyfree,
duty-free, fioricet, freenet-shopping, incest, levitra, macinstruct, meridia, online-gambling, paxil, phentermine, platinum-celebs, poker-chip, poze, prescription, soma, slot-machine, taboo, teen, tramadol, trim-spa, ultram, viagra, xanax, booker, zolus, chatroom, wsop, mortgage, refinance, forex
trading, loan, loans, ALPRAZOLAM, penis, xoomer, aniston, sedu

Words that’ll vaporize your post on site – use these bad boys and I’ll never see your post at all:

backgammon, poker, hold-em, texas holdem, texas hold-em, viagra, ringtone, crazy frog,

I have to clear about 100 spam comments out of my moderation queue a day. WordPress makes it easy.

So if you’re picking up a poker habit, don’t even bother telling me. 😉

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  • dr. dave November 18, 2006 at 4:25 pm

    Well, I was GOING to tell you about the cell phone call I got in Dallas while I was shopping for fireplace accessories, but I guess I can’t do that…

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