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November 16, 2006

The name game continues.

The third time was the charm at NJ MVC, as I now have a legit driver license and registration with my new (old?) name on it. Once that business was finished, I felt free to continue with the name change elsewhere. Here’s the list of what I changed and what I needed to give them. Marvel at the disparities.

Social Security Card:I visited the local SS office and showed them my divorce judgment and Name Change decree. The new card arrived within a week.

Driver’s License/Registration: Needed Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce judgment, name change decree and a proof of my current address, which consisted of a bill or statement that was mailed to me.

Chase Visa: Logged into my account online, sent mail to them through their customer service form. Done within a day. No proof necessary.

Macy’s Card: Logged into my account online, chatted with a customer service rep through their chat client, gave my birthdate, account number, and the last four digits of my telephone number. Name changed on the spot. No proof necessary.

Paypal: Had to FAX them a photocopy of my new-name driver license, along with the divorce judgment and name change decree.

Target card: Had to call. Name changed on the spot. New card in the mail. No proof necessary.

Old Navy: Had SNAIL MAIL them photocopies of my divorce judgment and name change decree. Old skool mail, people. Logged in, changed name. No proof necessary.

Hallmark Gold Crown card (quit laughing!): Logged into my account. Changed it. New card to arrive in 6-8 weeks.No proof necessary.

AAA membership: Simple phone call to the 800 number to change name/address/phone. No proof necessary.

GMAC loan: Called the customer service number 1-800-200-4622, spoke with a customer service representative. I have to fax them the divorce judgment and the name change decree to 541-242-2428 with my account number to the attention of ” Name Change”

GEICO: Logged into my account online, viewed the drivers, clicked “change driver name”, entered in my new name, changed to the new driver licence number. Received an email 20 minutes later verifying the change. No proof necessary.

Comcast: Called 1-800-COMCAST. Entered my telephone number, then selected “billing inquiries”, “cable television” and then kept banging “0” until I reached an operator. She immediately changed my name. No proof necessary.

Funny that the Social Security card — the number upon which one’s entire life in the US is pinned — was a breeze to change. That Macy’s barely blinked and let me do it online. And that something as trivial and unnecessary to life as PayPal made me jump through hoops and FAX stuff.

Next I’ll do my lease, car loan/insurance ATM card, cable bill, magazine subscriptions, domain name registrations…ugh. Neverending.

On a funnier note:

Y’all…do you know how much baby tigers cost? Six hundred and fifty thousand dollars, y’alllllll!

edited to add: I’m adding to this list as I change more things. Maybe eventually tidy it up into a “how to get divorced in NJ” package.

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