Introducing Chipper

(aka Chip, Chip-Chip, Microchip)

He’s half beagle, half poodle – a mix that breeders call “Poobie” or “Poogle” but I call “mutt.” I think it means he’s going to end up a shaggy beagle. He’s six pounds, 9 ounces (all in that fat puppy belly) and he’s the newest resident at MomnJohn’s house.

Likes: chewing, fuzzy tennis balls, chewing, shoes, chewing, naps, chewing, rawhide, chewing
Dislikes: not chewing, stopping chewing, the absence of chewing

We brought him home on Saturday. He’s been working those puppy toofs ever since. 😉

(other name suggestions were: Snoopy, Scraps, Tramp, Sooner (he’s from OK), Fang, Sam, Patch, Homer, Spot and Trebunskaya.)


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