…at the vending machines at work. The vending serviceman was out refilling the machines with the usual death-inducing treats.

Somebody bought a soda. Occasionally, the soda will fall behind the metal ‘flap’ at the bottom, requiring you to jiggle the flap a bit to release the bottle. Because people are natural complainers, this extra .5 second between them and their sugary snack causes grief.

Vending guy: “Did she give you your soda?”
Person: “Yeah…I had to work for it though.”
Vending guy: “As long as she gives you your drink, it’s okay. I know sometimes she can be a bit recalcitrant.”

My respect for the vending guy grew 200% because he correctly used recalcitrant. That’s not your usual daily word! I love people who can correctly and effortlessly drop those SAT words into everyday conversation. Let’s add that to my list of turnons:

My nerdiness increases by the DAY, people.

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