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Close enough to smell death!

January 12, 2006

Our Spring trip will be to ..

(“Walt Disney World,” mumbles the familiar crowd.)

No! Las Vegas! Bwah! Fooled you! We figured it was time for something different.

What’s better…we’ve booked tickets to see Penn & Teller perform at the Rio. (There goes Kim with her “suit and tie” fetish again.) The seats we booked are in Section 2, Row A, seats 7 and 8.

Check out the seating chart. Front row?!? I guess that’s what happens when you book WAY in advance.

It’s a nice surprise during what’s been a very drama-filled week at work. My department’s been dissolved and my title’s been changed. We’re all still employed, thank Goodness, but Coworker S and I will be Advertising peoples, and Coworker D (“East Coast” Damon, not to be confused with the millllllllions of other Damons out there) is going to become a News person. I’ve been told numerous times it’s not a demotion for me, and even though I believe them, I still FEEL like it’s one. Not a deserved one, mind you, but one that was inevitable with my department going into the ether.

I’m oddly looking forward to making some Lemonade. Right now, I’m going to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Happy Birthday to my oldest friend Brian, upon whose birthday 16 years ago I received my driver’s license. So how’s your toe, Brian?

Note from Kim: I deleted and turned off comments because I don’t want to get into trouble. I’m sorry.

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