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Day off

January 2, 2006

Because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday, we got to choose either Friday or Monday to take off. Coworkers D&S took Friday, I took today.

Other institutions that had off today:

1) The DMV. So no new driver’s license for me today, which was the plan.
2) The Cherry Hill Library. So no new books for me today, which was the plan.
3) My immune system. Woke up with a crummy throat, which was not the plan. There is a direct correlation between the times I spend with my extended family, and the times I end up with colds.

New header today with neat starry night theme. With two REAL constellations! (disclaimer: contellations not to scale…not positioned as you’d see them in the sky)

So my 3-day weekend is over, and I don’t get another Gannett-approved holiday until May. I’ll probably travel some in April as is my habit. So no time off until..(gulp)…April?

Will post more about the holidays when the holiday blues melt away.

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