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late night

December 12, 2005

Dreading work again.

I took Friday off…my last vacation day before the holidays. So now I have three days of eek-mail to get back to** plus all sorts of projects in the works, procrastinated jobs to deal with and hurdles to clear.

Tomorrow, I’m arriving at 8:15 so I can leave exactly at 5. BvP’s home this week, and I miss the guy. I look forward to falling asleep with him on the sofa.

Oh, and here is the CookieCam site for 2005. After trying to wrangle it into WordPress, I decided to leave it Blogger Powered, and resolve to start working on the darn thing in October next year. 🙂

Yes, the right bar is wiggy in Internet Explorer. Will fix when I can. Yes, the top graphic is too small. Will fix when I can. And no, I have no idea how I’m setting up the camera. My regular videocamera is on the fritz, so this year might be webcam powered again.

** Blackberries are becoming popular at work, which means more email on the weekends. Personally, I think I’d break into hives if I was buzzed at home every time I got an email at work. Where does one draw the line between work life/home life? My line is drawn at quitting time each day. With the exception of checking our various feeds during the weekend. And the lying awake thinking about work. And looking for sites out there that make me go Wow.

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