call and response

Dear Lord:

Please help me to get the A-teens’ “Upside Down” song out of my head. I mean…it’s cute and peppy and was perfect fun for the sail away party. But geez. It’s not good to be working on budgets (am I allowed to say I work on budgets?) and humming a song with the lines:

Upside down bouncing off the celing
inside out stranger to this feeling
got no clue what I should do
I’d go crazy if I can’t get next to you

Thank you, Lord.

And, for your pleasure…the most popular hostess photo ever…in its native crappy cellphone format:

Lazy me also managed to find the rest of them, too.

One Comment

  • Ooo… cruise pics. 🙂 I am currently in “just got home/feeling travel stupid/should be in bed mode… (but had to check in y’know? 🙂 LOL… will have to check out fun cruise pics tomorrow.

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