if the boat is a-rockin, don’t come a-knockin

October 16, 2005

LIVE from somewhere in the Ocean!

No, not really. But whoa are the waves choppy today!

Yes, cookie-crumbs, we are on our Second Disney Cruise. Same boat, same itinerary, but with bigger waves than ever!

Unlike last year, this year’s flight was only delayed 45 minutes, but that’s okay because I enjoy flying Southwest 100x more than USAirways. We arrived in Orlando a bit after 4pm on Friday, checked into Pop Century and spent the evening noshing at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, courtesy of the Disney Annual Passes that probably won’t be renewed.

Saturday morning we took a taxi to the Dolphin, killed time on the Boardwalk, and picked up the motorcoach (Disneyspeak for “BUS”) to the Port. Checked in, had lunch, blah blah.

They were having satellite problems last night (mayhap the sea behaving like the inners of a lava lamp had something to do with that) so I couldn’t grab an Internet connection until this morning.

Today: Bingo at 11:00, a potential meet at 1pm (if I screw up the courage to meet Internet people — I mean — I should be old hat at that by now!), some craft session at 3:00, maybe.

Tonight is formal night. I bought my dress for only $31 dollars, but I have absolutely NO desire to dress up. Oh well.

BvP is snoozing on a lounger, and I’m about to peruse a gift shop. Ta!

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  • Ani October 17, 2005 at 9:33 am

    Have fun! Say hi to Mickey for me and I miss him:)