out on the briney…

October 17, 2005

Last night we donned our formal attire (unfortunately I left my tiara at home) and attended the Golden Mickeys show and formal night dinner.

Here on the Disney Magic, you’re grouped for dinner. They usually make attempts to put you with a group similar to you. Last year we were with 3 other couples travelling w/o kids. Everyone was friendly. This year our table consists of 2 Mom-Dad-Son families, and us. Obviously the 2 families were paired because of their similar-aged sons, and we were just filler to fill up the table of 8. On the first night, nobody hardly talked.

Last night, the other 2 families didn’t show up for dinner at all. I guess we scared them away. (shrug)

Today was brunch at Palo, the adults-only restaurant. I’m still bloated. My docket today (while BvP rests upstairs) consists of a “Cake and Plate Decorating” class at 2pm, bingo (the game of Satan) at 3:30, and perhaps a trip to the Tropical Rainforest Spa room for some saunas and scented showering.

Or maybe the pool.

Finally, we’re cruising under the sunshine! We’re still rocking, but I’m used to it.

Did you know that the Disney Magic is as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall? Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. 🙂

Maybe more later.

Added on 3/19/17: The song lyric referenced in the title is “out on the briney, where the moon’s big and shiny, melting your heart of stone.” Note the solo activities that afternoon. I’d be divorced 367 days later.

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