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June Business Trip #2

June 13, 2005

From the PhoneCam!

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My room at the Borgata. I have a fantastic view of the … construction. Oh well. Kronk the bear is a touch of home.

It took me around 6 hours last night to do my 8 ‘ideas’ for the meeting tomorrow. Now they’re all printed out in fifteen-licate and on my desk. Waiting for me to start yammering on about it tomorrow at 2:30. I’m not as crazy-worried as I was last year. Which means I’m totally going down in flames tomorrow. 😉

Group dinner tonight at 7. Co-Worker Damon was sweet enough to lend me his PSP to waste away my non-gambling time. I am so in love with the PSP. If I win $250 on this trip, I’m buying one. Lumines is my crack.

Edited to add: MJ verdict in. I predict guilty on one count of attempted lewd act on child under 14 and one count of Administering alcohol to enable child molestation. And it will be immediately appealed, so what’s the point??? Wonder if I have time to head down to Sbux for a drink before it comes on TV?

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  • Joe June 13, 2005 at 10:48 pm

    Good Luck with the presentation, at least you’re not going the PowerPoint route (yawn)! You’ll be fine, just infuse it with your wit!
    Last time (and the only) I was at the Borgata, we didn’t stay very long. It seemed DEAD – no buzzers, bells, lights going off. So, back to the Trop we headed.
    MJ didn’t do it! Although, he’s still got some issues, IMHO